Exceeding Expectations

15 Mar
March 15, 2007

I am extremely impressed by IBM and its partner program.  Ever since we decided to add IBM Lotus Domino Lotus_domino
and IBM Lotus Notes support to the InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance, IBM has vastly exceeded my expectations.  They helped with the migration, the testing, the validation, and more.  (We love working with the folks at the IBM Innovation Center in Waltham, Mass.)  But, even more, IBM has brought in people from the U.S. and Europe to advise and consult with us.  As a matter of fact, IBM offered us help on things that I knew we would need BEFORE we asked for the help.  Now, the InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance has met all of the IBM specifications as Ready for IBM Domino software.  We anticipate extending our relationship further.

InBoxer been a member or has been certified as a Microsoft Certified Partner, a Citrix ACCESSpartner, a BlackBerry Alliance Member, Palm Developer Network (Plugged-in) member.  So we do have a basis for a comparison.  Each partner program has given us something of value and we appreciate them.  But, IBM has done so much more than any of them.  Well done.  I am a convert.

It is worth mentioning that praising IBM does not come easily.  I have seen IBM as the competitor for most of the past 25 years.  My first high tech job was at DEC and we saw IBM as the "evil Big Blue empire."  My years promoting Ethernet put me up against IBM’s token ring every day.  Later, at speech recognition company Dragon Systems, the makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking, we saw ourselves as competing against IBM and their ViaVoice Product. 

Now, I am a believer.  Thank you, IBM.

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