Tip of the Hat to a True Super Angel

22 May
May 22, 2009

There is a great article in the current issue of BusinessWeek on First Round Capital and Josh Kopelman.  It refers to FRC as a "Super Angel" that is changing the face of venture capital.

I have a particular endorsement to make because InBoxer, the company I co-founded, was the second ever investment made by First Round.  They were also InBoxer's first outside investor.  So, you could say that I worked with First Round Capital from the beginning.  Josh also served on InBoxer's Board of Directors.  So, I got to work with him closely for four years.

I want to emphasize what a fantastic experience it has been to work with Josh and the First Round team.  Their advice and counsel was always helpful and made me a better entrepreneur.  Their support was even more valuable than their money.  They really are "Super" angels.   (Josh's blog returned the favor and called me a "true entrepreneur." That would not have been true without Josh.) 

To echo Josh's words, it has been an honor to have worked with him and a thrill to see him so recognized in the leading national business weekly.  Now that InBoxer has been sold, my contact with Josh will be much less often.  I can only hope to have the opportunity to get into the foxhole and work with him again.

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