How Crazy Are Red Sox Fans?

26 Sep
September 26, 2008

Just how crazy are Red Sox fans when we play against New York?

Sox_monster_2 Sox_tarp_2 Well, here is proof that crazy underestimates our state of mind. I am sitting on top of the Green Monster wall in right field, in a driving rain storm, waiting for the start of a game that has been delayed twice so far. The players are warm and toasty in the dugout. We are watching the Tampa Bay Rays playing the Detroit Tigers play on the large screen TV in the remote hope that we can win the American League East title. (Sox must win all three against the Yanks and the Rays must lose all three.)

It is wet and getting wetter.  Yes, we are insane — Go Sox!

(HERE IS AN UPDATE)  The game actually started at 8:35.  By then, two big names — David "Big Papi" Ortiz and Dice-K Matsuzaka — were pulled from the line up.  I figure that the Sox either no longer cared about getting into first place or figured that the rain would stop the game before it became official at the 6th inning.

The game went until the top of the 5th inning when the rain started again.  We all prayed for the game to be called because the Sox were losing by a lot AND the Rays lost.  We still had a chance.  But, after another 30 minute delay, the game went on.  It was a messy, horrible loss.  Hopefully Ortiz and Dice-K got enough productive rest that it will pay off during the playoffs.  But this game was just a cruel joke.

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  1. Bosoxdad says:

    Roger — The Green Monster is over the LEFT field wall at Fenway! Your blog is awesome.

    A Friend from Maine

  2. Roger Matus says:

    OMG! You are, of course, correct. I guess it felt like being on the right when you are sitting there. Thank you!


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