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16 Nov
November 16, 2007

Imagine looking at your on-line calendar for the time of your next flight and then clicking on the flight to see if it is still on-time.  Wouldn’t that make Outlook and Notes more useful?

Brent Peters, VP of Engineering at IBM Lotus, demonstrated a mashup of useful tools and Lotus Notes at the Deutsche (German) Notes User Group (DNUG) meeting in Bonn this week. Stephan Mehlhorn, CEO of Permessa, reported about it in his blog Email Tide:

What caught my attention was a demo around Notes-based mashups using the power of Eclipse. It showed how easy it can be to incorporate external web services content right into the Notes client.

Example: Rather than having to check the flight status on a carrier’s website, why not integrate a lookup right into email and calendar entries that contain a flight number. A simple REGEX based recognizer logic easily wires matching string patterns such as LH423 to show the flight status in an iframe style window. Although a trivial example, it triggers the imagination of other uses such as the contextual linking of HR, CRM or ERP records or other internal systems. Brent also demo’ed the use of Google gadgets within Notes.

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  1. Andrew Lampert says:

    In case you missed it, there’s a nice overview article in the Wall Street Journal abhout companies working to make email more useful. See:



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