How Will Email and Social Networking Work Out for Republicans?

18 Jun
June 18, 2009

Ken, the author of an entry in the PopeHat Blog, a conservative leaning forum, sent me an email to tell me about an email-related post he wrote.  It states:  "I’m just not sure how email and social networking are going to work out for the Republicans." 

Using language that is a little stronger than I typically use on-line, he argues that Republicans are vulnerable to comments by extremists.  "If you are a dipshit, and you are willing to commit your dipshittery to
writing (especially when that writing is easily forwarded, copied, and
linked to), then many, many more people are going to learn that you are a dipshit," he writes.

Ken gets it.  While I think both parties have their share of people who say dumb things in email, he believes that the Republicans have a number of racist and/or dumb people in public places that are easily quoted.  He, explained himself by adding, "Republicans have been having a little spate of trouble with
officials and staffers — usually but not always on the state level —
getting caught sending around racist jokes at President Obama’s expense."

His examples show why Republicans need to be careful:

(bullets added to make it easier to read)

Neither party is beyond its share of stupid people who send out
inappropriate things that just are not funny. I believe that there are
simple rules about posting on-line or sending an email that we should
all follow to protect ourselves:

  • Would you be upset if your mother saw it?
  • Would you be upset if the most nefarious person you ever heard about saw it?
  • Would you be upset if it was on the front page of USA TODAY?

If your message fails any one of the above tests, DO NOT SEND IT!  That goes for people of all political points of view.

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