UK Employees Make 42 Email Gaffes Per Minute

25 Jul
July 25, 2007

What would you do NOT to be caught by email?

One manager accidentally sent details of all his workers’ salaries on a company group e-mail.  As soon as he realized his error, he set off a fire alarm to clear the office before going round and deleting the e-mail from every inbox.

This is one of several "cringe- worthy" emails released by U.K. online property firm and reprinted in The Scotsman and Their study concludes that "Every minute that goes by, 42 workers in the UK will be left red-faced with embarrassment having sent a wrong or mortifying email …  As to what the content of the email can be, well anything from complaining about a colleague and accidentally forwarding it to that person to hitting the ‘reply all’ button on a confidential memo makes the list," reports the Scotsman.

Some other cringes ….

  • After a sick day, one worker sent an e-mail to a friend explaining that his illness was due to "class A’s" – drugs. Unfortunately, he sent it to everyone in his company, including the senior management, who fired him.
  • A company accidentally included 24,000 e-mail names in the address box of a message. Many intended recipients never got to the actual message as it took them so long to scroll down.
  • A woman police officer sent an e-mail to her colleagues asking who stole her yogurt from the fridge. Unfortunately, she accidentally sent the e-mail to the entire West Midlands police force and received hundreds of sarcastic replies including: "Do you need CID? Have you sealed off the area? Has the dog unit been called?"
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